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The Zêzere Grand Route runs for 370 km along the Zêzere River from its source, in the Serra da Estrela, to its mouth in Constância, where it meets the River Tagus. The route can be enjoyed on foot, by bike or canoe, with continuous connected sections. The innovative nature of 13 Intermodal Stations along the route, as support points, makes the journey easier.

This Grand Route runs through 13 districts and connects well known points of Portugal’s Central Region: Serra da Estrela, the Xisto Villages, Castelo de Bode and the River Tagus with a range of backdrops, where it is possible to appreciate the region's wealth of fauna and flora. Additional highlights are the supplementary routes and detours from the main route which lead you to discover the Xisto Villages, river beaches, reservoirs and dams in the hinterland. The entire route is walkable.

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