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Madeira, Walking and Cycling

Madeira presents amazing living pictures full of colour and movement that will make you want visit the island times and times again.

In addition, its natural area is so diversified and magnificent that you can choose to practice a calmer or a radical activity to raise your adrenaline.

Madeira and Porto Santo’s mild climate allow the practice of all types of outdoor sport and leisure activities all year round.

Madeira and Porto Santo islands offer a wide range of outdoor activities providing visitors with magical and fascinating experiences. To discover the most fantastic and surprising landscapes there is nothing better than to engage one of the it’s many walks, along the islands “Levadas” and footpaths, commonly designated as “Veredas”. There are several walking routes in Madeira Islands, some of which are graded easy, suitable for those who simply want to walk and enjoy nature. More experience hikers also have the opportunity to engage more challenging and difficult trails, along the island stunning sceneries.

On the other hand visitors may also enjoy driving an all-terrain bike along unpaved roads riding along the “Centro de Cycling Portugal do Porto Moniz“ located in the island ´s indigenous Laurel forest area!

This is Madeira a green emerald mosaic so diversified and magnificent allowing the opportunity of choosing between a wide variety of activities ranging from more relaxing traditional outdoor activities to more challenging and radical sports activities!

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