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We invite you to discover the islands of the Azores, through a network of paths with different features that are adapted to suit the different tastes and abilities of the people who visit us. Along roads flanked by Cryptomeria and hydrangeas, combined trails that skirt the lakes or adventures on the technical tracks that descend into the endemic forests, the visitor has the chance to explore some of the islands’ most iconic spots.

Thus, we propose routes on 4 of the islands, which epitomise the best of the various cycling options.

For the road trips, the Pico Granfondo takes you around the second largest island of the Azores, where your constant companion will be the highest mountain in the country, at 2351 metres.

The route on Terceira island shows you round the two main towns, with Angra do Heroísmo being the first Portuguese city to be designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO (1983). It ends in the Serra de Santa Bárbara, the highest point on the island where you can sight other islands like Graciosa, São Jorge and Pico.

For a combined track we suggest the Sete Cidades ridges on São Miguel, where you have a fantastic view over the protected landscape of Sete Cidades, one of the 7 wonders of Portugal in the category of non-marine aquatic areas.

For the more adventurous, we recommend the Trilho do Tanque, on Santa Maria, which descends the mountainous area of Pico Alto through the native woodlands.

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