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The Dão Ecopista is the longest in Portugal, and one of the most beautiful. In addition to conserving its natural environment, it is surrounded by the Estrela and Caramulo mountains and the Dão and Mondego rivers. It is almost 50km of easy walking or cycling. It is a linear route that reveals a predominantly green natural area, with many vineyards and farming communities.

The Ecopista starts at the railway line in Dão, and for this reason spectacular railway heritage sites are also some of the route's highlights. Along the way there is a steam locomotive, stations and modern architecture bridges. A stroll along the Dão Ecopista is also a walk through medieval history, on which you can discover medieval pillories, manor houses and churches.

The Dão Ecopista forms part of the National Ecopista Network. It has support structures and the route is paved and signposted throughout. If you opt for the Dão Ecopista, detailed information is available in guidebooks and on maps.

You can also browse Programmes offered by Companies or simply follow whichever route you like and enjoy the support Services that you’ll find along the way.

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