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Discover the charms of the old railway section that connected Monção to Valença and the roads parallel to the Minho River between Caminha and Vila Nova de Cerveira, for a stretch of 40 kilometres.

The ecotrail provides outings through vineyards and farmlands and close interaction with the Minho River, where scenic overlooks amaze with panoramic views of the river. The fishing areas, beaches and islets embedded in the Natura 2000 network and all the built heritage, from the walls of Monção to its historical centre, are reasons to take this journey.

Don’t miss the “river way” (Caminho do Rio) between Caminha and Cerveira. Enjoy the carochos – traditional boats of the Minho River. Visit the Ecotrail Information Centre in Valença and sample the cuisine and Vinhos Verdes of this wine region.

Along the way, all the senses come alive at the diversity of the flora and fauna. The Special Protection Areas of the Minho River and Coura River Estuaries, the historic centres, Cerveira Castle and the Aquamuseum of Rio Minho are compelling discoveries on this route.

If this route is your choice, check out the company programmes if you prefer joining an organized trip, or go to the available support services that you will find along your way.

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