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Venture through this region’s countryside and follow one of the most iconic railway routes of the northern part of the country, decommissioned since 1990. The Tâmega Ecotrail, with its nearly 40 kilometres, connects Amarante to Cabeceiras de Basto, passing through Celorico de Basto. This wonderful pathway acquaints you with the Tâmega Valley, the Marão Mountain Range, the Nature Park of Alvão, and Terras de Basto. The historic centres, the villages, the vineyards and the forest that are so unique to this northern interior region offer a surprise at every kilometre travelled. End the trip by admiring the tile panels from 1940 on the Arco de Baúlhe train station, which today is the Núcleo Ferroviário (a satellite railway museum).

If this route is your choice, check out the company programmes if you prefer joining an organized trip, or go to the available support services that you will find along your way.

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