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The GR22 - The Great Route of the Historical Villages of Portugal which links the 12 Historical Villages of Portugal by stages, in a circular route of about 600 kilometres, has the Leading Quality Trails - Best of Europe seal, awarded by the European Ramblers Association, a certification that highlights the best walking destinations in Europe, through criteria such as sustainability, level experience provided to the user, the quality of its layout, and its cultural and natural wealth. It is also homologated as a Great Crossing of BTT by the Portuguese Cycling Federation.

Along with the cultural monumentality, on the GR22 you will also walk through some of the most beautiful natural parks of Portugal, classified as UNESCO World Heritage: the Natural Park of Douro International and the Archaeological Park of Vale do Côa, the Natural Park of Tejo International and the Natural Park of Serra da Estrela. Also enjoy the river beaches, the tranquility and become a conqueror of unusual experiences.

If you fancy trying this route, find out about Programmes offered by a range of companies, if you prefer an organised tour or need information about support Services that you’ll find along the way.

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