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The network of nature routes - Alentejo Feel Nature, compiles the offer of walking routes in Northern Alentejo, take advantage of the diversity of this territory and its 36 Short Walking Trails, with 389km and 3 Long Wakling Trails, with 126km. They are duly sign-posted and together total 515km, which can be walked in both directions, totally autonomously and safely, preferably between the months of September to June.

The network of nature trails - Alentejo Feel Nature, is developed, totally or partially, in spaces classified as Protected Areas or integrated in the Nature 2000 Network, witnessing its importance in terms of natural heritage, biodiversity and geodiversity. The Natural Park of the Serra de São Mamede and the Portas de Rodão National Monument are also noteworthy, as you can enjoy several walking routes that are on offer and get to know this region better.

In line with the Nature theme, this network of routes run along the hillsides of the Serra de São Mamede, the paths leading to the peneplain and the old medieval pavements trails. This route crosses water courses by tall stepping stones or it follows reservoir banks, passes through oak tree forests, chestnut groves, passing by cork and scarlet oak trees, natural grasslands, cereal steppes, vegetable gardens, small farms and large estates. Discover dolmens and menhirs, conquer castles and fortresses, bow to saints sheltered in shrines, chapels and churches, stop at viewpoints to glance across the horizon, look at the skies and follow the flight of vultures and eagles, close your eyes to appreciate and soak up the sound of the bee-eater’s, bustard’s and the golden oriole’s songs. You reach the end of each route a little tired, but refreshed from new discoveries.

Depending on your pace, interest and availability, you can choose to enjoy even just some of this Network’s routes and find support services, restaurants and accommodation in the towns, villages and cities. Let yourself be taken along the paths of this Route Network and discover its history, arts and crafts, traditions, gastronomy, sweets, wines, olive oils, events and its people; who know how to give you a warm welcome!

Come discover a secret: Northern Alentejo!

Please check the companies’ Programmes in case you wish to enjoy an organized trip or all available support Services you will find along the way.


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