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PR1 CMR - Percurso de Ouguela, sentinela da Raia

Alentejo Feel Nature

From Ouguela Castle with its Cistern and the House of the Governor and the Ouguela Fountain. We leave by a traditional olive grove, and we discover a late surveillance point of the fort: St.Peter’s Watchtower (Atalaia de S. Pedro). We descend now to the banks of the Ribeira de Abrilongo stream where a large set of tree routes helps us cross. Along the riparian gallery we follow the course of its waters to the point where it ends in the River Xévora. Almost nothing remains from the old Roman bridge and just beside it we visit the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Enxara (Santuário de Nossa Senhora da Enxara). On our return to Ouguela we pass by the Xévora Environmental Centre.

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