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PR1 CVD - Percurso pela Serra de São Paulo

Alentejo Feel Nature

The route begins next at the Church of Our Lady of Remedies (Igreja de Nossa Senhora dos Remédios), we descend to Ribeira de S. João Stream. The São Paulo Mountain (Serra de São Paulo) rises and we notice the misalignment of the quartzite outcrop that exposes a geological fault. The route has a section of medieval paving, until we reach the Hermitage of Our Lady of Sorrow (Ermida de Nossa Senhora da Penha). The place allows for us to contemplate the surrounding scenery. We resume the descent route, passing an old path that will take us to the S. Paulo Shrine and then to Fonte Nova. We descend to the Ribeira de S. João stream, and we go up to the centre of the Castelo de Vide.

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