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PR2 CVD - Percurso da Torrinha

Alentejo Feel Nature

We depart next to the old thermal baths of Castelo de Vide, where you can see almost all the granite zone. We descend on a trail and on paths flanked by loose stone walls, We will cross the Cáceres Branch of the Eastern Railway Line (Ramal de Cáceres da Linha do Leste) for the first of four times. Before we cross the line for the third time we will see the Pincho’s Dolmen (Anta do Pincho). Ahead we will use old footpaths flanked by stone walls. We arrive at the Church of the Good Lord (Igreja do Bom Jesus), from which the slope of the Castelo de Vide begins. A steeper stretch is the final challenge for a final conquest of the Praça Alta.

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