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The TransAlentejo network covers the whole of Alentejo; it consists of a selection of  one walking trail from each of the 47 municipalities that make up the region. These short routes are a good representation of the varied landscapes of the  Alentejo, with everything from the mountains áreas of the Alto Alentejo (Upper Alentejo) and the áreas right in the south on the border with the Algarve, to the vaste expanses of olive groves, vineyards and pasture of the Alentejo Central (Central Alentejo) anda Baixo Alentejo (Lower Alentejo) and the clifftop trails along the Atlantic Coast.

If  this routes are your choice  find out about Programmes offered by a range os companies, if you prefer joining  an organized tour or need information  about support Services that you'll find along the way








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