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There are eleven TransAlentejo routes along the Alentejo’s border with Spain. Each one is traced and indicated along the Guadiana river and the large Alqueva dam, a region of great natural, cultural and patrimonial diversity. This network of small pedestrian routes, ranging between 8 to 20km, with different levels of difficulty, totalling 159km of trails, aims to represent the best of the region’s varied landscapes.

The common theme of these paths is the Alqueva dam, the Guadiana river and its tributaries. From the Serra de Ossa, in Redondo, where the Lucefécit stream rises, to the Tapada Grande in the Mina de São Domingos, in Mértola, we find riverside scenarios, where man has left his mark for millennia. Here everything oozes history and tradition, and reveals a partnership between man and the landscape: on these routes hikers encounter prehistoric menhirs, convents, medieval castles and waterfalls; the traditions of pottery, weaving and singing in the taverns of Mourão and Serpa; small cozy villages, whitewashed towns and abandoned mines; vines, pastures and olive groves; the flavours, the smells and the light of the South that you can enjoy with locals as you listen to their stories of smugglers and shepherds.

This is also a territory one must respect and share with some of the most threatened fauna of the planet: the Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus), the saramugo (Anaecypris hispanica), the Iberian imperial eagle (Aquila adalberti) and the black vulture (Aegypius monachus) are some of the most illustrious inhabitants of the Guadiana Valley Natural Park and its vast surrounding area. Many of the plants that grow here are extremely precious, almost unique: do not pick them, leave no trace of your presence apart from your footsteps and fond memories of the Alentejo. Above us there is an immense and starry sky to admire at night: The Dark Sky Alqueva Reserve.

Follow these walking paths alone, with your family or friends. You can find detailed information on all the routes in our guide and maps, or choose from the numerous programmes offered by local companies to guarantee a more complete experience.

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